Undoubtedly, football is the most participated sport in the world. One of the major reasons that have contributed to Football popularity is that it has been accepted worldwide and played globally. Football has about an estimated fan base of 3.5 million people. That is, 3 out of 4 men in the United States of America is a football fan. Be it national or international football, the people of all age groups are enjoying it. Sports are often tied to some emotions and these very emotions that the fans and the players have made it such a popular sport and an energetic one.

5 Facts Why Football is Popular?

Although the reasons for Football popularity are many, here are the top five facts that add to it.

  1. Less Expense

Football is considered an inexpensive sport to play or participate in. if someone owns a proper football, well and good. However, it is not always necessary to have a football to enjoy the game. People use their imagination and play with any material to give them the feel of kicking and scoring a goal out of something. A football game can be played so easily if you have got your friends around and some material to play it with.

  1. Player-focused

Football is a sport that focuses mainly on the player or the team, in general. Other sports require many materials or stadium requirements, but the player can be the star of the whole game with football. Football popularity is also an association with some immensely talented football players.

  1. Can be played anywhere

One of the biggest advantages of playing a football game is that, with your friends, it can be played anywhere. It is good if you have a stadium, but most community matches are not even held in clear stadiums. Any plot of land is suitable to just play the game and have some fun. Be it during rain or a sunny day, the game evokes passion in its players, and they do not mind playing in any space available.

  1. Internationally played

Football’s popularity is also because it is played internationally. It is loved and played all over the world. FIFA, which is such a popular football competition, has 211 countries registered to it. As it is played all over the world, the competition is very high. This competitive spirit ripples to all its fans through international football. People love the gusto the popular football clubs have and play with.

  1. Short time to watch

A football match is only 90 minutes long, making it a convenient sport to watch and enjoy. People usually get bored when sports matches are too long, that is why football is short, and people watch with so much passion. It provides a better opportunity for players as well.

Why is Football so Popular in England?

Historically, Football popularity runs deep in England. It has been played in England since medieval times. Thus, some even consider England to be the home of the sport. Worlds’ first football cup started in England in the year 1871. All Europeans extremely love the premier league. It can be agreed that the popularity of football in England runs back to trace a deep tradition. Even though football’s popularity in England is because it was born here, England has won the World Cup only once.


Football is a passionate sport attracting a lot of people all around the world. A lot of factors have added to Football popularity. It transcends borders, regions, ages, etc. More and more people get attracted to it each day.

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